EBM Consulting & Investments is a service providing company which focuses primarily on the private companies’ growth aspirations as well as their higher productive presence in the economy, and the institutions which allocate financial resources – public and/or private organizations. By doing this, EBM believes that it is possible to promote social development, redistribution of production, and improve the quality of the environment in the Brazilian society.

Our professional technicians – our working team – are qualified in the areas they work on. We invest, motivate and promote the human being while assimilating the best there is in information technology to guarantee a personalized service and the best solution to our client’s business.

Concerned about the continuous improvement of the internal working processes, EBM Consulting & Investments has submitted its management principles to the Quality Systems Study Commission and has been awarded the NBR ISO 9001 Certification – the Seal of Quality issued by the Brazilian Association for Technical Standards – a gain in quality which ascertains the dedication of each technician in providing the services.