The nature of services provided – making proposals through the development of projects – turns the EBM Consulting activity into a tool which generates social and economic opportunities. This commitment is part of our duty as the communication agent. Each project implemented triggers production and employment through the demand and qualification of the work force, whose beneficial results are experienced by the community in their daily lives.

The company motivates and participates in programs especially designed to support the children and the youth, such as the Estação Futuro – Antônio Bezerra Sports Association, as well as the cultural, sports and entertainment programs for the community in its surrounding areas. Regarding sports, the EBM supports both the ICASA Soccer Team and the Uruaú Canoe Regatta, which is organized by the Dwellers Association.

Our company is also involved in promoting the local culture by contributing to book publishing, audio editing, local literature and seminars on the subject.

The EBM has as a principle not to take part in any project which involves damage to the environment or which causes exploitation leading to social degradation.